Analyzer & Hand Replayer

The following chapter will give you a short introduction to the basic fuctionalities of the AI2 Poker Tracker.

The Analyzer is the central component that provides an overview of your played hands, run various analysis, import hands as well as start,stop and configure your HUD. After starting your Analyzer, you will see the following:

1. Online Poker Analyzer Structure

1.1 Online Poker Tracker – Home


The home tab contains links to our website to solve problems or to get the latest information.

1.2 Online Poker Tracker – Dashboard


The Dasboard contains a lot of useful information about your games. It shows some of your stats, your performance (hourly rate for cash games and ROI for tournaments) in a modern gauge style. Additionally it shows highlight hands that you can replay and general information of your overall performance based on all games that were played.

1.3 Online Poker Tracker – Sessions

Last Sessions

The Sessions tab shows all sessions and tournaments you played. You can quickly see the most important information. Of course you are able to replay every hand you played in your sessions.

1.4 Online Poker Tracker – Poker Players


The players tab is very interesting if you want to compare your game to a particular opponent. You can select a player by typing the player name in the drop down menu. It will contain all players you ever played against, and the field will autocomplete your input.

If you found a player you are interested in, click on select player and a list of all hands will appear grouped by sessions in which you played against this particular player. Additionally, your stats and the stats of the selected player will be shown. If you double click on a session, all hands will be displayed and you can replay them.

1.5 Online Poker Tracker – Poker Stats Leak Analyzer

Leak Analyzer

The leak Analyzer makes it possible to Analyze your or the key figures of any other player you ever played against and evaluate them. The green areas show standard values which serve an orientation.

1.6 Online Poker Tracker – Online Poker Equity Calculator


In the Equity panel you can calculate the Equity for different Hold’em or Omaha situations. This is possible while playing.

2. Online Poker Tracker – Menu

2.1 Online Poker Tracker – Menu>Site Configuration

Site Configuration

The Site Configuration is very important to make your HUD and Analyzer run correctly. First you have to type in your player name for the selected pokersite. After that click ‘Add’ you can then navigate through your system and search for the path where you store your hand history files for the selected pokersite.

2.2 Online Poker Tracker – Menu>Import hands

Hand Import

Here you can import your hand history manually. You have to do this if you own old hand history files that are not imported, yet. This will only work if you configured your pokersites first. If you play with our HUD the new hand history files will be imported automatically.

2.3 Online Poker Tracker – Menu>Choose site to analyze

You can select the site that you want to analyze and play at by selecting one from the list. Note: If you try to start the HUD for pokerstars but set another pokerroom, the HUD will not run.

2.4 Online Poker Tracker – HUD>Configuration

HUD Configuration

If you click at this button, a window will appear. Here you can configure which key figures in which order your HUD will show.

You can configure the key figures of the collapsed HUD and the expanded HUD. Just click on the cell where you want to change a key figure and select one from the drop down menu. The key figure will then be replaced. If you are done with the configuration, don’t forget to safe your changes.

2.5 Online Poker Tracker – Database>Reset Database

This makes it possible to delete all imported hands. Only use this if you want to reset the whole history.

2.6 Online Poker Tracker – Database>License Key

If you click on this, your currently used license key will be displayed.

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