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Quick Start – How to start in less than five minutes?

You bought one of our products and want to hop right in? In the following, we provide a quick start guide to get you started in just four steps:

  1. Open the poker room where you want to play and make sure that your playing history is stored for 9999 days, remember the path where the files are stored. HELP
  2. Buy one of our products on this website. You will recieve your license key and the download link to your product via E-Mail.
  3. Download your product and unzip it, open the unzipped folder and double click on ‘installer.exe’,follow the instructions you get while the installation process. Start your Analyzer by clicking on the icon on your desktop after the installation finished.
  4. Start an online poker game and click on HUD>Start inside your Analyzer, your HUD will start up.

If you have any problems that cannot be solved with our documentation,please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on this website. 

My Poker HUD does not startup why?

Before you start playing with your HUD for the first time, you have to do some steps to initialize and configure the pokersite you want to play on. 

  1. Start the poker analyzer.
  2. Open the Menu>Site Configuration
  3. Type in your player name and the path where your Hand History files are located. 
  4. Click on the ‘Start’ Button in the Menu>HUD

If there are still problems check out our documentation for further support.

How can I import my hand history?

To import your hand history you have to open the AI2 Analyzer and do an initial site configuration:

  1. Click on Menu>Site Configuration, type in your player name for sites you are playing on (note that this is case-sensitive, otherwise import problems can occur), navigate to the folder with your hand history files and add them to the list, safe afterwards.
  2. Click on Menu>Import History and click on ‘Import’, all valid files in the previously selected directories will be imported. 
  3. Note: Your hand history will be imported automatically while you are playing (If you configured your pokersite and your software correctly), you only have to import existing hand histories manually like it is descriped here. 
How can I configure my HUD?

In order to configure your HUD, you simply have to navigate to the ‘HUD Config’ tab in the AI2 Analyzer and order/select/add the keyfigures you want to see. If you are satisfied with your order just safe it and with the next startup the new order will be set. HELP

Do you support fast gaming formats like Zoom or Snap poker?

With our AI2 Pro package we do support fast poker formats. You will get information for all players on the table. We use OCR technology for information gathering. Read more here (paragraph 1.).

I don’t know what the stats in my HUD stand for is there a documentation?

We do have a documentation for all stats that we use in our HUD. We also provide standard values for all key figures that you can compare your playing style to the common playing style. Show documentation.

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