You can find solutions for some typical problems and frequently asked questions here.

My HUD does not import any hands while playing.

Please check the following:

Did you activate hand histories in the poker software? Read more here how to fix this.

Did you change the language of your hand history files to English? Find more information about how to do this here.

Did you write your poker name correctly in the Analyzer>Menu>Site Configuration (case sensitive)?

Did you add the right paths to your playing history in the Analyzer>Menu>Site Configuration? Read more.

Do you run more than one poker client at the same time? We do not support different rooms at the same time.

I don’t know what all these stats mean. Is there a documentation?

Yes we provide a documentation for the stats. See here.

Do I have to import my playing history manually?

Hands, which you play while our HUD is active, will be imported automatically if you configured it right. History, that is already stored on your PC, has to be imported manually. Read here how to do this.

How can I configure my HUD?

Read more about HUD configuration here.

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