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AI2 Online Poker HUD

Our online Poker HUD is packed with brand new features such as:


“Klaus” personal assistent brings fun and entertainment to your game


Ultra responsive and flexible HUD


Configurable player stats with all essential key figures


Combines OCR technology and hand histories to gather information

Lightning fast

Lightning fast HUD startup

Easy setup

Easy to install and configure – start in less than 5 minutes!

Experience our new and innovative Poker HUD

AI2 Online Poker Analyzer

Analyze your opponents and review your last sessions and tournaments with our Postgame Analyzer.

Fast Hand Import

Import your hand history files in no time. Depending on your pc, our software imports up to 80 hands per second.

Hand Replay

Replay and analyze all of your played hands. Go step by step through your hand or let it play automatically.


Review your biggest wins and playing highlights in a well designed and modern dashboard.

Leak Analyzer

Our Leak Analyzer analyzes your playing style and gives you the ability to rethink your game based on key figures.

Compare to others

Search for a specific opponent and show all hands you played against a paricular player.


Display your last games/winnings/records/highlights and more in a modern dashboard.

Experience our Postgame Analyzer